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4+1 F1 racers, who were real eccentrics

In some ways, drivers in Formula One are all considered eccentric. However in this interesting world there are some who can even outdo the others.

They put themselves in the sports history book with their special achievements on the field and/or their shocking and unexpected decisions. In our article, we gathered the five people most deserving of the word “eccentric”!

Jack Brabham, the Wizard

What the Australian pilot brought to the table in 1966 will probably remain unique and unrepeatable. Brabham became an F1 world champion with a car built and designed by himself, which remains an eternal record for modern age motor sport and Formula One teams. The appearance of the racer has made a dramatic change in the life of the racing circus in other aspects as well: he was driving the F1’s first rear-engine car, which helped him win the world championship and later, with a modified version, he also won Indy 500. With his performance, he practically banished the front-engine techniques from the league.

John Surtees who’s got a screw loose!

It is almost incomprehensible that before getting into Formula 1, Surtees had already won seven World Championship titles (!!) in MotoGP. For three years he had no rivals in neither the 350 nor 500 cc field, in fact, he won one of the most dangerous road races in the world, Isle of Man TT. Then, as a man who did a great job, he switched to four wheels and became world champion with Ferrari in 1964

Nico Rosberg and the greatest retreat

Rosberg may not have the same stack of results as the gentlemen mentioned above, but he is still eccentric in one thing. So far, he’s the only Formula One driver in the hybrid era who’s been able to beat Lewis Hamilton. Then, when he took the throne, at the peak of his career, he announced his retreat to the astonishment of all. That’s one of the reasons he’s on our list.

Fernando Alonso, the biggest branch changer of the time

It’s probably very hard to find a real Formula 1 fan out there who doesn’t know Alonso’s work. The Spanish racer experienced things in F1 that would be unimaginable today. All you have to do is mention the Grand Prix in Singapore or the two World Championships he won behind the wheel of a Renault. However has a notable performance outside of Formula -1 as well: although he still has a long way to go to reach the triple crown, he still managed to win two Le Mans and a Daytona 24 h race, he won a WEC World title, an amazing Indy 500, and had his fair share at Dakar Rally as well.

+1 Niki Lauda, and that particular piece of shit

As it is today, it has always been a great honor to be the pilot of Scuderia Ferrari. Niki Lauda probably didn’t know that because after having first tested the Reds ‘ miracle weapon, he simply told the Almighty Enzo Ferrari that their car wasn’t worth a shit… We will probably never hear that again and not because the said gentlemen are no longer alive.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk


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