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5+1 incredible Formula 1 records no one will ever break!

There are some Formula 1 performances that probably will never be broken due to the constant changes taking place in the sport. In this article, we tried to find the five most astonishing such records for you!

1: Finishing on the podium in all races…

The world champion of the previous two years ascended to a whole new level in 2002: he was among the top three in each and every race of the season, getting to spray champagne on everyone around a total of 17 times – 11 of which were for first place performances! Who is this person? Well, it’s Michael Schumacher, of course!

2: Two people on the podium who constantly avoided each other

In 1997, Jacques Villeneuve and Michael Schumacher were battling it out for the title of champion: the two of them won 12 out of the 17 races that took place that year, standing on the podium a total of 16 times. The most astonishing thing, however, is that this was never at the same time…

3: The smallest qualifying time difference

This record was also set in 1997, more specifically during the final race of the season, at the European Grand Prix in Jerez. Jacques Villeneuve, Heinz-Harald Frenzen and Michael Schumacher all produced qualifying times that were identical to the millisecond, thus having an incredible 0-second difference between the three of them. The pole finally went to Villeneuve, since he was the first to complete the “best” time of the trio.

4: Fastest lap of the race through the pit lane?

This feat belongs to Ayrton Senna: this may have been the biggest win in the Brazilian’s career, however, the real coup de grace was the fastest lap: Senna was about to start his planned pit stop, when he realized, that the team was not ready for him yet, so he continued down the pit lane and resumed his lap. At the time, there was no speed limit in the pit lane, so his lap time of 1:18.029 became the best, surprising everyone.

5: Winning a race with six pit stops? Quite possible!

Jenson Button is the culprit in this case, at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2011. He made a total of six pit stops during the race: first due to a flat tire, the second time for a drive-through penalty, then another four times for tactical reasons. The McLaren pilot astonished everyone by forcing his way through the competition, and taking the win by overtaking Vettel in the final lap.

+1: Three cars on the finish line

This really does seem incredible, but at the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix, this is exactly what happened: accident after accident, several competitors dropped out due to technical problems, the list of drivers who couldn’t finish including Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve as Mika Häkkinen. This is how one of the most bizarre finishes of all time happened, thanks to which, Olivier Panis got the first and only win of his career. He was followed by David Coulthard and Johnny Herbert, while Heinz-Harald Frentzen came in fourth, however, he finished the chaotic event at the pits.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk


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