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5+1 racers who could have accomplished more…

There’s a much thinner line between eternal losers and great champions than anyone would ever think. Who is going to do well, who remains the quarterback or even just an eternal promise depends on very complex factors. One thing is certain though: the latter are always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Maybe this is the reason why fantastically talented racers will never become champions or even if they do manage to get on the top, they will soon be forgotten. In our compilation we looked for five plus one racers who – under the right conditions – could have accomplished a lot more.

Rubens Barrichello

„If you end up on the second place, you’re the first one to lose.” – back then Ayrton Senna formulated the ground rules of motorsport, unknowingly framing his compatriot’s career.  The Brazilian racer’s most productive years were overshadowed by Michael Schumacher, without whose appearance he would most likely have won a world title or two. Of course, it would be a huge mistake to compare him to Schumi’s genius but to this day he is still one of the unduly underrated F1 riders.

David Coulthard

He was in the same team with several former world champions or world champion aspirants (who later won) and we could certainly feel the power within him. In the first eight years of his career he has reached the composite podium five times. However the thesis mentioned at Barichello also applies to him – if he hadn’t had to break out from the shadow of a certain genius, Damon Hill or Mika Hakkinen, chances are he would have won the ultimate victory he wished for.

Robert Kubica

Kubica failed to make a breakthrough against the two gentlemen mentioned above for a completely different reason. His talent and aptitude have not been questioned by anyone to this day, but he certainly didn’t have that much luck.  An off-season rally accident left its mark on his career forever, and his long absence and the transformation of the sport together took away even the illusion of a chance to win.  As a third-tier driver, he is currently actively involved in the cycle, but he will no longer be the first world champion of Formula 1 in Eastern Europe.

Nico Rosberg

It is no exaggeration to say that Rosberg had everything to be unquestionably one of the greatest geniuses in the sport. When he got to Mercedes, he was able to defeat Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton who was trying to break his records, but he never was ballsy enough to show the aggression he has in him against his opponents. That’s one of the reasons why he only won one world titl, and that’s why he is always identified with the role of the second one. In our opinion this might have been the reason behind his shocking retreat after the 2016 success…

Fernando Alonso

Alonso is one of the most controversial racers in the history of Formula One. He’s got amazing talent, has a rock hard personality and two world titles that got him to the top.  The reason why at the end of his career he will not be mentioned at the same level with Schumacher and will not be compared to Senna lies in the fact that he has a sharp tongue, he is legendarily incompatible and he also mad a series of bad decisions. It’s a great shame.

+1. Daniel Ricciardo

The same goes for our old buddy, Daniel, who, on our list is a true mixt of the previous ones: in his situation all previous stories are present. He’s a natural talent, a true star and a total winner, who has proven his competence on many occasions and defeated Sebastian Vettel or even Lewis Hamilton in an impressive way. He’s still well into his active years, but at the same time his luck, his flawed decisions that are slowly becoming his trademark, and his excessive benevolence push him further and further away from becoming a world champion one day.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

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