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70th Anniversary Grand Prix: an amazing Verstappen victory!

The second race in Silverstone this year is nothing compared to the last weekend. Where did the confident Mercedes go, where did the Red Bull’s suffering go? The answer on this day was Max Verstappen, who proved to be unbeatable. 

After an uventful start, Valtteri Bottas maintained his leading position, almost everyone did the same. The most unfortunate start was Nico Hülkenberg’s, as right at the beginning Max Verstappen immediately took his place, while teammate Lance Stroll quickly caught up behind the German.  Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, was unlucky, the world champion tried to catch up from the end of the field pinched the grass and stopped crossed on the track.– but with a huge save, he was able to stay in the race.

The race itself would not have hidden much excitement if it hadn’t been for Max Verstappen: the Dutch racer came up with amazing tire handling, while being able to keep up with the Mercedes that started in the middle. On the hard mixes, the Red Bull pilot showed real magic and suddenly found himself in a leading position with a great overtake right after the start. The Mercedes also switched the technique, but both Bottas and Hamilton struggled with the hard tires, the latter one being very spectacular. As they entered the 36th round the victory was getting more and more within focus distance for Verstappen, while the Mercedes racers were getting further and further away.

Meanwhile, the Germans had to seriously consider whether or not they would go to the end of the race in the drastically deteriorating tires and risk the chaotic moments seen last week or  they should replace them.The latter was chosen, and from here it was only a question of whether Hamilton, who was attacking with the newer sets, would be able to chew through the field and attack Verstappen, who had become mediocre after a short stage in the final laps.

He wasn’t able to: on this day, Mercedes couldn’t compete with Red Bull in either pace or tire handling, but the one-way wizard, Charles Leclerc, who came in fourth,also deserves a compliment. I wonder what would happen here if these young people got a World Cup chance technique under their bums?

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Red Bull

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