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70th Anniversary Grand Prix: Mercedes is leading, Racing Point has failed

The second F1 race weekend in Silverstone has barely begun but we can already predict the biggest loser. The news came right before the first free practice: the case of Racing Point has been decided. The pink Mercedes got a huge slap…

In response to Renault’s many protests, Lawrence Stroll’s squad has been grossly dismissed, who was relieved of 15 constructor points and a large amount of money. There might be some solution for this decision because Nico Hülkenberg started the Friday session nicely and he managed to get in the top four. Other than that, everything went as usual.

Mercedes is still in the lead, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc fights (successfully), only Max Verstappen was missing from the lead for a while. Due to the Dutch racer’s technical troubles he lost a lot of time and he had to replace the resources in his car but during the first training of the jubilee tournament session on this weekend, he ended up in his usual place. Maybe the tire tactics were a little bit unusual: each stable completed the 90-minute long race on soft wheels.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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