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Daimler is already targetting Vettel?

At least that’s what the press reports are about. It is rumored that Mercedes’ parent company would throw a lifebelt at the German world champion and they don’t seem to care what the core of their world champion F1 team thinks about it.

The events of the past few days have not predicted much future for Sebastian but now the tables might have turned. It looks like Vettel’s all-or-nothing game could lead to a favorable result, meaning he could actually get a possibly world champion seat instead of retreating. It is true that after all those gates closing, neither Lewis Hamilton nor Valtteri Bottas have signed for 2021 yet – so this could be a big chance for him. 

According to an inside journalist, hope is not unfounded:  The Daimler Group, which owns Mercedes Formula One team, is determined to acquire Ferrari’s driver. Giuliano Duchessa reported all this in a Twitter post: “Daimler’s men are working hard to get Vettel for themselves. Toto Wolff is on hold at the moment, and Lewis Hamilton obviously argues in favor of retaining Bottas.” – wrote the publicist.

There are several aspects to all this: is it possible that signing a contract with Vettel was only a way to weaken Hamilton and Bottas ’bargaining position?  Another option might be that a German pilot in a German stable has (or would have) enormous PR and advertising value, and that is being considered by Daimler.

What raises further (rhetorical) questions is what would do Vettel with the shrewd, astonishingly fast and confident Lewis Hamilton who enjoys all the trust of his team and consortium when he’s already struggling with handling Charles Leclerc properly. 

Something tells me we’re gonna have a lot of interesting moments with this year’s pilot market movement, and we haven’t even talked about the 2020 season yet.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images


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