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A five-part documentary series about Alonso called “Fernando” to come soon – FIND THE TEASER HERE!

He missed out Drive To Survive, so the Spanish world champion got his own documentary series. In short, this is how the story could be interpreted, which is of course much more complex than that. 
Amazon has seen the niche in the market, and worked with Alonso to create their own short film that will cover the chronicle of the driver’s time away from Formula One. The series will be featured on Amazon Prime, and we’re confident tey´ll make it worth watching: 
“Fernando is another challenge in my career that I haven’t dealt with before. My goal is to show the audience how challenging and sacrificial it is to compete at the forefront of the world. ” Said Renault’s 2021 returning pilot. Privacy, Le Mans and Dakar, Indy 500 – drama and joy, victory and torment – from September 25th we can get a taste of it all!
According to the Spanish boss of Prime, Fernando Alonso is an exceptional racer and an exceptional man who works at all times to represent a higher level in his chosen profession. At the channel, they definitely wanted to show this kind of determination to set an example and give insight to the fans and the talents of the future as well. By the way, Alonso has even doubled the stakes, because if it’s already a movie, there should be a book – a work processing the competitor’s biography will be published in November: 
The book calles “The Racer” is about a young ambitious guy who has been infected with a passion for go-karting that combined with hard work deserves a good treat in the hall of fame as special champions like Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton – with whom he struggled a lot during his career. Racer is a real Formula 1 story from a real Formula 1 champion. We look forward to both!

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Fotó: Getty Images

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