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Almost Official: Formula 1 Might Start with a Double Race in Austria

The increasingly reliable information was leaked by a well-known local media. In a radio interview Helmut Marko informed the world that announcing the season opener is practically just a formality and only a second wave of pandemic could stop it. 

The Austrian Radio Ö3 announced this morning that according to the latest decision, Red Bull Ring will host the opening of the 2020 Formula 1 season. Besides Red Bull, the national and provincial politics, as well as F1 leaders, are willing to organize the races with particular attention to proper precautions. Yes, we’re talking about a double race, since after 5th of July they are planning to organize another race on the 12th as well.  The organizers of the race indicated that they are able to meet all necessary requirements which were also agreed with the management of Formula 1, thus, it can be practically said that we can add Spielberg in our calendar under the heading of “Opening Race”.

According to the latest reports, they have already started to test the track and the staff of the surrounding catering industry units, more than 400 people, which proves that the Austrian director has already started the special preparations. The races will most likely take place behind closed gates with a limited number of participants.  The limit requested by F1 is a maximum of 2,000 people which is intended to be achieved by excluding journalists from time to time.  On-site coverage will be provided by the racing circus’s own media crew, the restrictions will not, or only partially will affect television professionals.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the work is ongoing, other European racetracks are being coordinated by the league headquarters, they are trying to asses what the 2020 calendar will look like. After Austria the British also have good chances, as in Silverstone they’ve already indicated that all conditions have been met in order to be able to continue the championship, with a double race as well.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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