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Alonso isn’t motivated by money, he wants to compete

Alain Prost, Renault’s advisor can look back on a long and illustrious career, however, even he hasn’t seen as simple a contract as the one the French now made with the returning Spanish world champion.

According to Prost, Fernando Alonso returned home, and jumped head first into the work with enormous enthusiasm from the very first moment:

“This paddock is his family. I have never seen anyone sign as simple as this to a Formula 1 team. Fernando is greatly motivated, and he’s not driven by money: for him, the most important thing is our project, and that he can get behind the wheel of an F1 car again. I really appreciate his attitude!

While it is true that he’ll be getting behind the wheel after a long hiatus, he will get used to it again very quickly. With as much experience as he has, all he needs is a few laps or a race to perform at the highest level that can be expected. He is a good team player, getting into everything starting with this year, and he tries to help us in our work as much as possible. He travels to England quite often to go on the simulator, he has a tight knit relationship with the engineers, as well as the pilots, he wants to be in the picture for everything. His presence is appreciated by all of our pilots, especially Daniel Ricciardo. Fernando is planning long term with us, and he has the motivation for it, all we need now is results.” – shared the details Prost.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Essentially Sports

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