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And then Norris grabbed a WRENCH…

2020 is not an ordinary season, which is exemplified not only by the depopulated bleachers and pilots in mouth masks but also by the thoroughly reduced number of teams. In this sad situation Lando Norris hurried to help out his stable. 

After the Hungarian Grand Prix, unlike many others, Norris did not run to the airport, but changed his clothes, pulled on  gloves and then literally went to work.The already ultra-popular young racer has become even more sympathetic to those who like him. But according to him he’s not doing this at all to stand out from the crowd: 

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Team ???? ????‍♂️

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„It’s not as hard for us racers as it is for the team members. We just drive our car, but the real work is done by our mechanics and engineers. I think I can easily fit on my part the fact that if I get out of the car, then I help them to finish faster.  The security protocol introduced is making their activities the most difficult, and it makes them travel far more than we do.

I feel it is important to protect them and take care of them, as this period is already an extremely heavy burden for them. I think about the guys who do the show, their work has the most impact on our competition: I’m obliged to do the same for them, just as they do it for us.” – declared extremely mature about the sophomore British contestant.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Formula One

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