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Another Time Travel on Saturday!

We’re slowly getting used to the fact that while Formula 1 is on pause we can soothe our unquenchable desire for petrol with retro shows on television. We hope, we won’t have to wait much longer for the 2020 season opener, but in the meantime, let’s stick to the TV screens.

In addition to the competitions we can now gain a glimpse of the careers of the great ones of the past through a series of documentaries. From April 25th, M4 Sport will present a forgotten hero to the audience every weekend as a part of a series called F1 Legends. The original version is the creation of British Sky Sports, so to avoid legal wrangling, it will come to you with original sound and subtitles.

This Saturday the show will also have a sad moment, as from 2:00 p.m. it will relate the life of recently deceased Sir Stirling Moss and of Sir Jack Brabham who serviced his car on his own.

As we have already written, Stirling Moss is considered by the industry to be one of the best racers, despite the fact that the British driver never became a world champion. This was due to his legendary loyalty (stubbornness…) that he refused to drive in a dominant Italian or German car at the time – he was determined to reach the top behind the wheel of a British vehicle. During his fantastic career he drove sports and rally cars, he was famous for his sportsmanship and for his friendship with Juan Manuel Fangio. To crown his special career, the Queen knighted him.

Jack Brabham, on the other hand, won the World Championship three times, he couldn’t be defeated in 1959, 1960 nor in 1966. The uniqueness of his racing was given not only by his talent, but also by the fact that he was the only world champion who won with a car build by himsel and his team. He had a vision about Formula 1 that was beyond his age, which is why the story of the Australian driver is extremely interesting and entertaining.

With F1 Legends, you can continue to expand your knowledge and you’ll be able to “survive” the time left until the real season opener.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

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