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Anthoine Hubert – The Only Remained Moment… Obituary

The Belgian Grand Prix 2019, Saturday: Although I was 2000 kilometers away, I was still thinking about the timing training. While I was sitting in my car everything seemed to be comfortable and calm – and the I got a message via Messenger. I cannot remember the sender, but the following question instantly popped into my mind: Is Anthoine Hubert really dead?

I remember that during the race before the accident (Hungarian Grand Prix) I was walking in the F2 paddock after the end of the F1 events, when He passed by me. He was fresh, strong and happy – as every F2 talent. I have always liked this level, these young drivers do not consider themselves stars and seeing them developing right in front of one’s eyes is more than interesting.

On that Friday I had seen the winner of the French Grand Prix a few more times – I would have never thought that this would be the last time. Until the moment when a month later I received the fatal news. After pulling over in a parking lot I started browsing through the news and soon I found the video showing Hubert’s car pulling in front of Juan Manuel Correa, without the American driver having the slightest possibility to avoid the fatal crashing.

I instantly knew that something bad had happened, I had felt the fatality, since I had had this feeling when in Spa, in the Radillon curve a GP2 racer, who was also a good friend of mine had bumped into the rubber wall. That feeling terrible as well, but back then I somehow knew, that he would make it, that there was no problem, and that there could be no problem. In case of Anthoine Hubert, my feelings were exactly the opposite.

A year has passed since then, many changes occurred. The Formula 1 and the World have changed as well, and following this event, the track changed as well.However, something remained: The emptiness I felt on that given day, after looking at the display.


Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Fotó: LAT Images

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