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Are Binotto’s days numbered?

The “show” before the Hungarian Grand Prix is clearly taken by Scuderia Ferrari. The Italians are struggling with serious problems and no rapid improvement is expected. The Maranello leadership might also feel this as – according to the Italian press – they’re preparing to take serious steps.

An article by the local Corriere della Sera has reported that the leaders of the Reds principal Louis Camilleri and president John Elkann are very impatient. If the trend seen so far continues on the Hungarian competition weekend, too it might easily happen that the leader, Mattia Binotto will have to step down this time.

The team has been making unprecedented efforts all week to upgrade the updates that weren’t even tested because they broke down during the Austrian competition. According to the newspaper the situation is so serious that behind-the-scenes the identity of the successor has already been named, who is none other than Antonello Coletta, who currently runs the Scuderia GT program. 

In addition to poor results, the bosses also pulled the rug from under Binotto due to unsuccessful sports diplomacy draws. He is criticized for agreeing to cut the budget and due to this, the stable will be in a much weaker position and have less opportunities to start over the next few years. According to the Italian newspaper, a real miracle would be needed to save Mattia Binotto.

We just add quietly that we don’t think that will be enough…

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari

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