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Asian team sneaks around Formula-1

Last summer, the project called Panthera has been heard about for the first time, but not much has happened since then. Asians have now indicated that neither the delayed F1 renewal nor the economic effects of the coronavirus epidemic will deter them from their goals.

Which is to join the field of the racing circus. Panthera leader Benjamin Durand has confirmed that despite the modification and the negative spiral, they are preparing for the 2022 debut:

“Although we are currently living days like a roller coaster, our project is still alive. Neither the epidemic situation nor the postponement of rule changes, nor even the economic crisis, can stand in our way. We are working on the aerodynamics of our car and with our investors on the start of the F1.”

It may sound strange, but the current situation may even be favourable to the appearance of new teams. The epidemic has given rise to restrictions, one such element being the cost cap to be introduced next year, the limit of which has already been changed and lowered several times. Instead of the originally planned $ 175 it will be $ 145 million, and this will fall even further by 2022 and 23, with leaders first agreeing on 140 million and then 135 million. At the same time, the leadership of the sport is not relaxed due to the situation of the current teams, so they may not be happy to accept the arrival of a new team:

“We will see how the times to come will turn out. Before the epidemic, we put a lot of effort into reaching an agreement with an engine supplier and certain component manufacturers. It is also possible that the situation will soon be simpler than it is now, and we willbe able to buy  even ready-made cars, anything can happen. ” – Said Durand, who may be familiar to fans from the Russian SMP motorsport business.

he Panthera isn’t the only one flirting with the soon-to-be-coming new era of F1: in addition to a small Russian team, there was also a lot to hear about the arrival of the Spanish Campos Racing, which has already achieved great success in other categories. The FIA ​​( Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile), on the other hand, said last year that there are no serious interests on the horizon and that the field can only expand after an official tender is announced. We look forward to what the future holds!

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Fotó: XPB Images


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