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Baumgartner Zsolti VS. Jenson Button – Then and NOW

Unfortunately, Hungarian fans like to talk negatively about the only Hungarian Formula 1 World Championship point holder, about Baumgartner Zsolt, who contrary his (Technical) possibilities obtained really good results.

It is very possible that the Hungarian fans have forgotten what it was like to support Zsolt. The best professionals in this field still remember that once there was a Hungarian racer, racing in the Formula 1. Jenson Button recently has shared Zsolt’s post in his own Instagram Storyline and remembered his event with the Hungarian racer, when back in 2004 during the Belgian Grand Prix his tires gave up service, thereby blocking also Baumgartner in continuing the race…

Do you remember this event? Those who do not, should refresh their memories and those who missed it or were not even alive back then, can get this information below! ????

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Fotó: Formula One

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