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Belgian Grand Prix – No one threatened Hamilton’s victory (unfortunately…)

We’re not anti-fans of the Mercedes but it would be good for the Championship to have a bit more diversity in it. We’ll have to wait for that, because Lewis Hamilton has once again won a perfectly controlled, smooth start-goal victory.

Exactly at 15:10 only 19 cars were on the grid, Carlos Sainz McLaren remained in the pits due to a technical error. The start was like the race itself: there was no contact and no difficulty in the lead, only from the fourth place down… The most spectacular one was Daniel Ricciardo, who started from the fourth position, struggled with those around him, and he almost made it to the third place, but Max Verstappen repulsed his agile attacks.

Then the race sat down a bit, but Antonio Giovinazzi made sure that we get goosebumps: the Italian couldn’t catch the tail of his car which was about to break out, crashing into the rubber wall in front of George Russell, who was coming behind him. Russell had nowhere to run, so his car and the race was ended right there. During the safety car phase, during the rescue and cleaning, the usual tire changes and tactics were followed. At the end of the phase, it was mostly the two Renault, Pierre Gasly and Kimi Raikkönnen who had a very good performance – the latter preceded Sebastian Vettel as if the German racer had just stood in one place.

In addition, the 65th Belgian Grand Prix did not bring much excitement, but it is  important to document Renault’s impressive strength: on a pure engine power track, Riccardo is in a balanced form in fourth place with one point for the fastest lap, while Esteban Ocon finished in fifth place with a well-thought overtaking final lap (hunting down Alexander Albon). The Ferrari can’t say the same, they ended their weekend sufferings by overtaking  the two Haas racers and Nicolas Latifi.

Meanwhile, Hamilton’s lead has not been compromised by anything this afternoon and he is only two wins away from setting Michael Schumacher’s legendary record.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Mercedes

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