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Bernie Ecclestone doubles down on Hamilton!

The 89-year old business mogul replied to Lewis Hamilton: that’s one way of putting it. After the British world champion called the former F1 owner uneducated, Ecclestone didn’t stand by idly either. 

The antecedent of the case is that Hamilton called him, Sir Jackie Stewart and Mario Andretti uneducated because they said that racism was not a phenomenon happening only within white people:on the contrary, it is true the other way around, too and that the British racer’s battle is unnecessary because the F1 world does not have this problem.  

Now Ecclestone spoke again but his words were definitely not on Hamilton’s favor:

“ I have the same level of schooling as you. At least I had a reason — I was at school during the last war, not always under the best conditions. But you should be more happy about if it turned out differently, maybe Formula One would not be as it was for you to benefit as you have. The result of my work is the medium in which you won six World Championships as the first black pilot.

You’re a special person and racer, don’t think about what your skin color is; think about what color your mind is: don’t envy others. Just improve and catch up.” – said the former leader harshly to Hamilton and added that everyone is born equal but everyone has different talents. 

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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