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#BlackLivesMatter and kneeling – Lewis Hamilton is dissatisfied with what he saw

Despite the WeRaceAsOne campaign, despite the rainbows and the T-shirts that were worn before every race as a sign of protesting against racism, despite even the kneeling, the F1 leader of the BLM movement is dissatisfied. It seems that alongside the track the British champion will use this to earn extra fights for himself.

Hamilton was annoyed that the Hungarian Grand Prix did not make time for the ceremony of kneeling: he addressed his concerns to the FIA and he also demanded a stronger attitude from Jean Todt:

 „We need to talk about this, they should do a better job. The whole ceremony was made in a hurry, I ran there, knelt down, and then everyone rushed back to their car. We need more than that… They said they stand out for a good cause, yet they do not provide the conditions for it. I think I will also write a chain message about this, we definitely need to clarify this. 

Romain Grosjean is the president of the pilots’ union but for him it was enough to kneel down just once and then he moved on. I told him that it would be very important to continue this fight, but they certainly don’t know and don’t feel what I did because they didn’t go through a series of humiliations because of their skin color. Sebastian Vettel and I have discussed the actions several times before, and he has supported me for a long time but he didn’t even mention the subject at the racing briefing” – continued the nagging Hamilton.

We still don’t want to take a stand, but let’s note one thing:  Dear Lewis, politics still has no place on the racetrack. 

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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