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Bottas has broken the silence caused by Covid-19

Mercedes has held a private test in Silverstone over the past two days, where Valtteri Bottas has taken pride in what can be called historic: the first real kilometers of the F1 season, which is slipping and then reviving due to the pandemic!

The main issue of the test, in addition to shaking back, was of course, protection against the epidemic: the team members practiced the protocol, which will be implemented every race weekend from July. The stable´s staff worked in masks and face shields, and the medical staff performed a coronavirus test on all participants, all of which were negative. Bottas saw the consequences of the test days as follows:

“I see that we have gained a lot of new knowledge and experience, especially about the security protocol. We were efficient so everyone would be safe if we started racing. For my part, I really enjoyed every minute, I can’t wait for the season-opening double, where we can quench our hunger for driving with two races right away”, said the Finn electrified.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Fotó: Mercedes

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