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BREAKING: HAAS awaits Sebastian Vettel with open arms…

While Vettel’s options are running out one after the other, one stable practically threw a contract at the German’s feet. The one thing we don’t know, however, is if this should make us happy, or quite the opposite.

Mercedes has all but concluded its deals with its pilots, Red Bull is certain to keeps its current line-up, Renault has already made renovations in the form of Fernando Alonso, and Racing Point isn’t considering Vettel a viable option either. With things looking the way they are, Günther Steiner and company’s offer could be taken as a breath of fresh air, that is, if the team’s history for the last few years would not be full of blunders and missteps.

Don’t get us wrong, we are absolutely crazy about Haas, they are truly a team to enliven the competition, and they are hands down showcasing Rock ‘n Roll, however, four-time world champion Vettel may not have the same opinion. In spite of this, the Americans are willing to throw him a lifeline:

“Vettel is a four-time World Champion. Does he really want to work with a smaller team? What does he want to do with his life? I don’t know. If he wants to do something with us, he’s welcome. Sometimes three or four teams fight over the same driver, and then there are situations in which great drivers are left out, like Nico Hülkenberg did a year ago. As far as we’re concerned, I’m not worried that we won’t find any drivers – after all, Vettel is on the market! The only question that remains is, whether he is considering us or not.”, Steiner told the media, adding that he has a great relationship with the F1 driver.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: LAT Images

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