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BREAKING NEWS: Possibly Three Subsequent Races in Italy?

The suitable negotiations have been progressing for months now and may lead to a historical triple.

It was interesting to see that the Formula-1 classified Mugello, which has never organized an F1 race before, cancelled the organizing of the MotoGP and that the geographically close Imola Ring also spoke up. Apparently, geographical closeness may easily lead to a Monza-Migello-Imola trio.

Safe travelling was seriously impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, therefore it can be easily imagined that the Monza-race will be followed by other two races, within the borders.

This possibility was confirmed also by the Imola Ring CEO a few days ago. According to Uberto Selvatico Estense this is what will happen in Italy, thereby contributing to a ‘real jubilee’ to be celebrated by Ferrari:

‘So far Imola has significantly contributed to the Formula-1 history. W e are very proud for having done our part so far, however we are aware that we need to focus on the future now. We need to consider the current economic situation and our geographical advantages, our main goal being to bring back the F1. We would like to enjoy a national trio and to make this come true together with Monza and Mugello.

We have been working on this project since April, thereby strongly cooperating with the F1 and with the local authorities. We hope to benefit of all the support needed to make this dream come true.’ – stated the legendary road king.

Would you enjoy such a Tricolore in the 2020 season?

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Essentially Sports

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