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BREAKING: Three more tracks in the calendar

With the announcement of three more race weekends, there’s already a total number of thirteen races in the calendar, however it also seems to be decided that Formula 1 will no longer travel overseas this year. 

The newly announced locations will replace Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the USA, and the championship has expanded 13 races, with Germany, Portugal and Italy being able to organize further races. After the already known Russian Grand Prix, the F1 field will pause for two weeks and then travels to Nürburging to participate on the Eiffel Grand Prix. Portugal will follow in another two weeks, and Portimao – which has just received its Formula 1 rating and then the line will be finished by Imola.

We are facing an interesting situation, as the latter race will be the 1000th race of the Ferrari, which would already be held with spectators, but Nürburging has similar aspirations as well.  Maybe the nightmare slowly coming to an end and everything starts to get back to normal. 

Here is the updated race calendar for 2020:

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Formularapida

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