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Can a sprint race take the place of a qualifying session?

At least as far as the plans go. In fact, perhaps there is more to it than just ideas, since neither FIA nor other Formula One teams would prevent the introduction (testing) of this extreme innovation. With one exception.

The idea came from the mind of Liberty Media and it is planned to be applied to some of the season opener races of the Austrian and British Grand Prix. According to the Americans it is time to spice up the racing circus with a new color and new show elements. The technical arrangements would seem to indicate that the drivers would stand on the grid in a reversed position compared to the tournament and the results of the sprint race would determine the actual starting position of the next day’s main event.

A formal vote has already been held on the matter, where everyone, except for Mercedes voted for “what has to come, will come”.

It’s up to everyone’s decision whether the sprint race is a good or bad improvement…

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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