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Can another recurring track return to the 2020 calendar?

While one racer follows another one in Formula One, there is intense work in the background to make the series run for nearly a full season as much as it is possible. After the officially announced Nürburging track from last week, another well-known and popular track can now return to the race calendar.

Currently, the racing circus is scheduled until the 1st of November, but Liberty Media is in advanced negotiations with Vietnam and Malaysia, in addition, the closing races in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Bahrain) also seem to be certain. So these are four races and now it looks very much like Istanbul will be joining as the place of the fith race.

The Turkish track was very popular among both the contestants and viewers, but for economic reasons it was removed from the roundabout in 2011. Now there’s a good chance they can return: 

„Since 2013, we’ve been working very hard to get F1 back in Turkey. Ever since we took over the operation of the track, this topic has been a daily issue for us, but the real turning point happened in 2017, when the Turkish government decided to provide us support. We are in constant negotiations with Formula 1, and our goal is to host one of the worlds most popular tracks in F1.

On behalf of Intercity Istambul Park I can now say that the discussions are at a stage when we can no longer publish details, but as soon as we areexempt from business confidentiality, we will, of course, report on developments immediately” – says the tracks official Instagram page.

However, there is also a major obstacle to the project: at present the Turkish track does not have the highest qualification required to organise Formula One competitions. 

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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