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Can Red Bull Catch Up with the Mercedes in 2021?

On the pilot front certainly, but technically it would be quite a feat from part of the bulls. With this, we could almost say that the question was answered, but it’s not that simple.

Red Bull Racing is fighting a multi-faceted battle with the German record-holder team, and technology is just one (but the most significant) of the facets of it. Before the start of last year’s season the idea of Red Bull becoming Lewis Hamilton’s number one challenger at some point, seemed like just an optimistic plan. Then, as time has passed, desire became more and more a reality, and by the end of the year, Max Verstappen and his team was clearly the second force.

They’ve started 2020 with these omens in Milton Keynes, and their goal wasn’t a secret at all: further developments. Prior to the pre-season tests, a plethora of statements came to light telling that the 2020 Red Bull car would no longer be just a second force, but a true World Cup aspirant. The cause of the fact that this did not happen isn’t only the Coronavirus epidemic (or whatever we call it…). The fundamentally good construction and explosive motor development from Honda are futile, as well as the most powerful driver in the field.

It looks like Christian Horner‘s team hasn’t gotten any closer, but even further away from their goals this year. The hardest part of it all is that they didn’t mess up anything. They simply didn’t to take into account Mercedes’ (infinite) immersion capabilities spanning the full hybrid era, neither the shocking innovation that came with it: they were being able to go all in in Brackley.

Thus, paradoxically, they are now lagging behind with a stronger technique than in 2019. What will the 2021 Red Bull race car look like? Unfortunately we can’t see in the future, but due to the restricitons regarding the essential improvements, it is predictable that the Red Bull won’t be able to catch up with the black arrows.

However, this article is not meant to present the hopelessness of Red Bull Racing, in fact: we are quite sure that the yet non-existing but very forward-looking RB18 (presumably it will be called like this) will be the most unpleasant opponent of the ever-renewing Mercedes. Until then, in order to have a real fight, it will be necessary to pull in a second violinist from somewhere who plays much better than Alexander Albon…

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Formula One

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