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Charles Leclerc had to take a bold move to win the 4th place for Ferrari

While everyone is talking about Max Verstappen and his tire magic shown in Silverstone yesterday, Charles Leclerc has also reached an almost winning 4th place behind the scenes.  Ferrari took a risk and “won” and for the strategy the Monaco racer needs to be praised.

Scuderia’s been suffering all year, and the reasons are well known. However there is one thing that is more pronounced: Leclerc dominates Vettel even more than last year, making him the fourth in the Championship sessions after 5 races, in spite of driving a terrible Ferrari. 

The young pilot performs beyond strength, but that means he also has to take on risky situations and tactics, exactly as he did with his only one pit stop over the weekend.

„I’m extremely happy with this fourth place even if we had to fight and win in the lead behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Our pace on hard tires was amazing and honestly, I don’t even understand where we pulled this from. The great heat was also there to help us, we already knew last year that we could be closer to our opponents in a heatwave.

I encouraged the team all weekend to try that everything with only one pit stop but everyone was very afraid that the chaos we had seen last week could be repeated. However, we have managed to get the tires up and running, and I am particularly pleased that I myself, as a racer, have moved forward in this area.” –  summed up Charles Leclerc the reasons of their success 

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Monaco Life

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