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Charles Leclerc: „I used to hate Verstappen…”

What does he feel about the Dutch racer these days, what caused his dislike, and as a result did he became a better racer? Here’s what the Monaco racer said about this topic:

Fans usually (unfortunately) don’t really follow the Formula 1 series, not to mention the go-kart world – so it surprises them that some of the contestants had a history of racing even before Formula One. This is exactly the case with Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen. 

“I was go-karting for nine years before the higher series, and during that period, Max was constantly my opponent. Him, Alexander Albon, Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon and George Russel and I grew up together and had a lot of fighting with each other.  These fights made me stronger, taught me to take advantage of the element of surprise, to choose a suitable arc, in other words, to sharpen our racing style.

As for Max, I used to hate him a lot and this hatred was mutual. Since then, of course, we are now much more mature, so our relationship has also normalized.  And I’m glad that we can fight against each other in Formula One.” said Leclerc.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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