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Charles Leclerc – Raikkönen and Schumacher in one body?

According to Alfa Romeo’s manager, Beat Zehnder, that’s exactly the case. The expert knows both ex-champions very well, so he knows what he is talking about. According to him, if Leclerc gets a sufficiently competitive technique by Scuderia Ferrari, he will easily become a world champion.

Zehnder experienced firsthand what the young Monaco racer is capable of since he was employed by Alfa Romeo in 2018.

„That year was really interesting, we had a great season with this young kid. We’ve worked with young people before but he was our first recruit, who quicklu turned out to be an extremely exceptional driver. His talent, his behavior, his attitude, nothing is ordinary about him.

Since then I’ve been saying that to meg he’s more like Kimi in terms of the raw pace and based on his work ethic he’s more like Schumacher. If he gets a good car, I’m sure he will be a world champion!”

Zehnder is an old-time rider in the business, he has been working on the Sauber motorsport program since 1987 and during his career, he has helped Michael Schumacher’s career before entering into F1, and around the turn of millenium he worked with Kimi Raikkönen at the time when he – just like the Finnish Lecler – was only just a beginner in Formula 1.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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