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CLEAN-UP At Willams: The Family Says Goodbye. Only The Name Remains

Following the Tuscan Grand Prix the Williams family fully retires from the races. The team manager Clarie Williams is to lead the team in Monza for the last time. A sad day in the history of the Formula 1.

The Williams family is out, the new investors are in – an era has ended in the history of this legendary team. The new management is to take over from the Williams family after Monza. The Williams family’s last race will be this weekend, then they are top definitely retreat from the F1. The new board hired a very interesting person: James Matthews, former racer, with strong connection to the British Royal Family.

Clarie Williams said farewell to the fans in a heartbreaking video message and thanked them for their support during the decades:

‘Hello, to all our dear fans! I am sure that you are already informed about our decision to leave the Formula 1. This will be my last race as team manager. These are difficult moments for us; however, I would really like to thank you for all your support. We are very grateful for all your encouraging messages and that you support us in these difficult times.

Selling our team to Dorilton Capital was one of our toughest decisions. I am sure that they will take our legacy further and will do their best and make the best economic efforts for the purpose of taking Williams back to the first position of the grid, where it actually belongs. Although we are leaving we would like to ask you to support Williams in accomplishing their purposes we could not ensure!’

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Imagess

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