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Could Michael Schumacher’s conditions be revealed soon?

A Hungarian race car driver shared an enormously interesting thought about this recently. What Viven Keszthelyi says should be listened to, because she can truly be considered an insider in the matter.

The Hungarian athlete has been part of the Schumacher family for a while now, being in a relationship with Ralf Schumacher’s son, David. There’s a good chance Vivi is in the know about Michael Schumacher’s health condition, but respecting to the family’s request, she clearly cannot give any statement on the matter. Even so, in the past few days, Vivien had some rather suggestive things to say regarding the German icon’s condition:

“I think that soon, everyone will find out how Michael Schumacher is. Until then, I think everyone should make note of the family’s decision to not talk about it publicly. Many questions are raised in connection with this, and I am also asked quite often if I know anything, but I always give discreet answers. If the moment comes when this will all be public, then everyone will have their questions answered.” – said Vivi Keszthelyi, who has met the legend several times, to a TV magazine programme.

Another bit of fresh news is that Jean Todt, Schumacher’s one-time team leader visits the racer regularly, and they watch TV together. We hope that we can have some good news about the CHAMPION shortly…

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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