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Daniel Ricciardo – 5 things we like/dislike about him!

Every racer has some qualities that fans adore or hate. In this series, we try to collect the five things we like and/or dislike about our current subject in a funny but realistic way.

It would be very hard not to like Daniel Ricciardo, one of, if not the most sympathetic racer out there.  Here’s what we like…

He’s always smiling!  He probably never stops smiling, not even in his dreams, so if you’ve seen him grumpy or dismissive, please come forward! (examples after a direct accident or drop-out from a race do not count)

He’s direct. He never forgets to service his fans, he’s one of the most human racers on the field. He’s friendly with everyone, regardless if it’s a fan, a friend, a hater or a fierce opponent…

He’s a clown, and when he gets on the podium,  he makes sure that the poor guy who’s interviewing him – whether it’s a fellow sportsman or a Hollywood actor – will drink champagne from his sweaty and smelly shoes. And the way he teases young people at the press conference is a non plus ultra!

He’s furiously fast and shockingly professional. Behind his smiling attitude, there is is a real hunter who can’t wait to demolish his opponents from behind the wheel! 

He’s unique, inimitable.  And that makes being a Ricciardo fan special. 

And here’s what we don’t…

He made a wrong decision and signed up for Renault and because of this, he eliminated himself from the world championship standoff for a very long time (if not indefinitely).

He let himself get kicked out from Red Bull. In the long run, he and Max Verstappen could have made one of the most powerful dream teams that Formula 1 has ever had…

Sometimes, he’s not pushy enough. Neither on the field nor off. This may be his only flaw, but it seems more and more that he will wear this brand throughout his entire career. 

Switching to Red Bull from Toro Rosso, he immediately made mincemeat out of four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel.  Not cool, Danny, not cool!

And finally, we don’t like the fact that even these four “flaws” were extremely hard to dig up!????

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

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