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Daniel Ricciardo SHOWS OFF– NO BREAKS!

The pilot – fun master recently popped up as a Youtuber, giving us an insight into his life unrelated to racing. The stuff is very cool, see for yourself! 
This will be a very exciting parallel for the future, as from 2021 he will be the teammate of Lando Norris, who – thus on another platform (Twitch) – is himself addicted to such digital content production. The two funniest figures on the field will be able to rival each other at this point as well, but now Ricciardo has drawn something that will make it very difficult for the young Briton to keep up with the competition. 
Australia has launched a series of videos called NO BRAKES, in its third broadcast, which will try FMX (Freestyle Motocross), one of the most dangerous motorsport disciplines in the world. It is not known when these episodes were recorded, nor is there any news of what Cyrill Abiteboul or Zak Brown had said about it all, but in defense of good old Daniel we would say he thought about prevention before jumping off a ramp with a motorcycle into the unknown…

Click on the video to see the ominous jump and see all the parts so far on Daniel Ricciardo´s Youtube channel!

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

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