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Daniel Ricciardo: The First Race Will Be HORROR

The Australian driver thinks that because of the long break everybody will sit very motivated and with a huge ego behind the wheel, which predicts many serious battles.

The season opening of 2020 will surely have a special place in the yearbook, because of various reasons. Such reasons are the lack of the public, the implementing of the pandemic protocol and many more. Daniel Ricciardo thinks that for many, basically this will be a new beginning and therefore they will strive to prove themselves and to show their skills to the World:

‘After the lights go out everybody will do anything that is possible to prove their improvement and the amount they put into self-development. The drivers’ ego will surely play a significant role, especially because nobody knows how many races we will have this year. Each race is a possibility and every possibility is an opportunity to be grabbed by all drivers!

Ricciardo spent the last week with efforts to get back on track and he may call himself really lucky, since the first race will take place on the Red Bull Ring:

‘The first few laps were really challenging, however soon I managed to catch up wit the rhythm. I have been doing this my whole life, however sitting again in a racing car and leaving the box, felt a little awkward. The most important is that I managed to train properly and I feel ready physically and mentally.’

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Renault F1 Team

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