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Daniel Ricciardo: ‘The Podium Is Within Range’

The two racers of the French consider that the time has come. The team’s mood is dominated by the It’ Now Or Never Attitude, however they try to remain focused and concentrate on their duties.

Esteban Ocon’s opinion is somewhat the same with the always-smiling Australian teammate’s opinion:

‘In Spa we were close to the podium… However, we try not to think too much about this, our aim being to get next time the same results we obtained in Belgium. This won’t be easy, however this track is different, with different characteristics; however, we will do our best to repeat the previous weekend’s success.’

Ricciardo was little more clear, he had the courage to state his expectations related to the team and, of course, mainly, to the Italian Grand Prix:

‘I think we will come out strong again. The last weekend was good for charging our batteries and gain self-confidence. However, anything is possible, so we might not reach the same results – but we might be even better. We shall see how it goes, and it is no secret: Our aim is the podium.’ – stated Ricciardo, who can hardly wait to enforce his bet with Cyrill Abiteboul (If Renault conquers the podium, Abiteboul will get a tattoo)..

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Phoro: XPB Images

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