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Did Honda Take a “Miracle Engine” to Austria?

Red Bull Racing is looking forward to the Austrian Grand Prix with huge expectations. They don’t hide it, they expect a lot from the second-generation Honda engine newly installed in their car. The team leader said they are confident they can be in a match with Mercedes.

Christian Horner told in a report that the Japanese had delivered them not only a more powerful but also a more reliable engine for the start of the double season:

“We have made a horrific amount of effort to increase our competitiveness, while also fighting against time to be ready for the July deadline once the plant closures are completed. We are getting better and stronger and have a stronger relationship with Honda, and they too are exemplary with our team. We already had a strong start in 2019 by winning three races, and this year we hope our joint efforts will bring the best results.”

Horner didn’t hide it, he said directly what he hopes as the fruit of their collaboration:

“Honda is an extra motivated company, and we are very similar to each other in this. They dedicated the entire dead season to this project, and their expectations increased in light of their own measurements as well as of test results’. The engine is the cornerstone of the car, and I think we can make serious progress together again this year. It would be a shame to deny it, our goal is to fight for world championship titles with their help. ” – stated the Austrian Team principle.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

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