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Don’t Plan Anything for the Weekend: the Belgian Grand Prix Will Be a Real CHAOS RACE

If we can trust the weather forecast a little bit, we can expect that the weather on Sunday’s race day will be just like on last year’s German GP. And we all know how it was like…

In general, Spa is notorious about it’s hecticity, but this year’s forecasts promise us something much rougher than before. Autumn will be visible and felt in Belgium even from the first qualifying session, but there is still a big chance for a „human-friendly” weather for Friday. If all goes well, the racing drivers will get away without heavy rains on Saturday as well, but the heavenly blessing will surely arrive on the day of the race…On Sunday, it will rain from the first moment, which will probably accompany both the Formula 1 field and the support races.

To see for yourself, just visit the weather forecast portal, where you can see by clicking on Sunday/precipitation icon that the probability of a downpour during the race is huge. And don’t imagine this will be just a light thunderstorm, as there is more than an 80% chance of eight millimeters of rain.

The expected maximum of 16 degrees Celsius isn’t exactly a pleasant race weather either, and if we’re a little lucky, there’s a prospect for a spectacular rain race. If we add to this the fact that Pirelli is taking the same tires to Spa as the ones for the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, then we can only suggest you one thing:

Don’t plan anything else for this Sunday!

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Formula One

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