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Ecclestone: Hamilton and Vettel would make a super team!

The 2020 season will be engraved in the history books not only because its particularly difficult start but because it seems, it will bring the most bizarre transfer waves, which will definitely make a memorable impact.

Sebastian Vettel has probably the biggest role in this, because he was forced to leave Scuderia Ferrari at the end of the last year but now it seems, he might have a chance to “fall higher”. The only question is what would a German racer – who usually handles rivalry very badly – do with a possible seat at Mercedes. If rumors become a reality, he will have to face Lewis Hamilton, which by no means seems to be an easy task…

However, Vettel’s good friend, former F1 owner, Bernie Ecclestone believes his buddy doesn’t have to be afraid of this challenge:

„Just as anyone else, I’d like to see what he would do at Mercedes against the six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton who’s determined to win his seventh title as well. I think that would be good for Formula 1, good for the sport, good for the people watching. There’s no need for guessing, I think I think both of them get along with each other without any problems. We’re speaking about two very significant figures of Formula 1, both have super talent so it would make a super, super team. I don’t see any problem with Lewis being concerned at all and I know Sebastian would love to have the opportunity to race against him on equal technical terms.” – said the former F1 leader during a TV interview.

Eccleston also added that although Hamilton had already collected six championship titles, it was a much easier task to him than to Vettel who’s aiming at the teammate position.

 „Lewis, too, but even the record racer, Michael Schumacher was in a much easier position within the team. I remember, I once asked him who was in charge of Scuderia and he answered “he is”. The reason why they were so successful was because there was a real leader in the team. The current leader is a great engineer (Mattia Binotto) who has been loyal to the Reds for 20 years, but he’s not a true leader” – added Bernie Ecclestone.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Essentially Sports


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