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Emília, The Nine-Year Old Wheel Wonder!

Our story begins in Veszprém county, in a small village with almost sixty inhabitants. This image surely does not look like a fort of the Hungarian motorsport, not to mention, that, up until known Himesháza has only been known only by the people living there.

It is Saturday evening, everything is silent and calm; there is no traffic: i.e. on the contrary, the road is crowded with people, because Emília Talabér, the nine-year old simulator racer is about to go beyond the middle positions. The subject of our article is a little upset because this time she was far away from winning, but, hey, one cannot always win and this is not Emi’s aim. Her only aim is to get better, and this is why her mentor sometimes pushes her to the limit. After one year of simulator races this little girl takes the curves better than I did back in the days, when I was a racer (However, I might be wrong as well…)

‘My father was a racer and I like this world of races a lot. Once Vogel Adri visited us and took me for a ride with her Can-Am buggy; that was the moment when I fell in love with car races. That was the moment when I turned my attention to the simulator, I started with the WRC, then followed the Formula-1 2020 – this is the simulator I play on now.’ – she reports with shining eyes, full of passion for what she does.

As to what concerns this situation, she inherited a lot – as they say, blood is thicker than water. Her father became famous in the world of motocross, and now he fanatically supports his daughter, so there is chance that one day she might become well-known in the world of gas vapors:

‘Emília was born into all this. We did not push her, all we asked was to do her best to finish what she started. My father taught me this and now I give this teaching further to my daughter. She hardly was two years old when she first sat on a quad. When she was three when Vogel Adrienn took her for a ride during a charity event – that was when she became a fan. Later she rode on motorbike and now she plays on the simulator. She also has a home-made She has a home-made off-road racing car she drives without any problems. I think it is not far-fetched when I say that she has potential and real chances to become a true race one day. Adrienn and, Jobbágy Ákos support her and help her a lot. Should she ever get to race on real rings, I will trust Ákos with her. We have been friends for twenty years, he is a well-known figure in Hungarian world of motorsports. I trust his professional knowledge, regardless of the situation, I can always count on him.’ – stated Attila, Emi’s father.

Vogel Adrienn and Talabér Emília

However, until the school and the simulator are first. In case of latter, the little lady is supported by the F1 Hungary League, where the leader Szélig Dániel counsels strongly supports her and helps her also during the races on the simulator. And this is big, since in Hungary supporting the newcomers is not a tradition. I was lucky to be there on that Saturday afternoon training and seeing this combination of relaxed, yet focused driver was pretty surprising. According to Attila, her skills are completed by her enthusiasm and respect:

‘She is a well-educated little girl and since she is a teenager is important that she be able to look up to the people taking care of her. Her role model is Adrienn, who is sometimes the nightmare of every male driver. Ákos also had a great impact on her; he obtained several good results on international level and supported the Hungarian newcomers. Moreover, let us not forget Szélig Dániel, Emi’s mentor, who is also a professional in this field. Danny won several simulator championships and got to the point where he goes beyond his passion and wishes to transfer his knowledge to the new generation. I am very grateful for their friendship and support.’

Girl’s Night Out  – Somewhat Different

As a conclusion: I myself was witness to the moment when Emília Talabér passionately focused ion knowledge. During my career, I have seen a few newcomers, therefore I think that it is only a matter of time and this place will become the second Himesháza from Zala County, in Hungary…

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