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Engine Motor Mode STOP Starting Monza?

In Belgium everything remains the same, however, starting with the Italian Grand Prix changes are to be implemented, however, these are not welcome by everybody. Who will be the winner of these changes? This remains to be seen…

The main idea of these changes is the lack of possibility to increase and to decrease the power of the engines, and thereby to gain advantages during the qualifying and the race. By relying on its ow sources of information, the specialized magazine Racefans states that the current system may be used for the last time during the Belgian Grand Prix, however its implementation will be forbidden starting next weekend, when the race in Monza occurs.

FIA argues that these changes known as ‘Party Mode’ have become very complicated and no longer can be traced in order to ensure compliance with all applicable rules. The changes to be implemented may lead to some changes, however Mercedes has already stated that the measures to be implemented may lead to come advantages, since the performance surplus gathered during free practice can be ‘consumed’ during the race (…).

The magazine mentioned stated that out of the four engine providers two are already angry with the management’s decision, however it can be assumed that Ferrari did not choose this step. The reds stated that the interdiction to be implemented will not have an impact on them, since they have never used the Party Mode… Moreover, they are they are very happy with this decision and plan to exploit to the maximum this unexpected gift. We are looking forward to the practical resultsn.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: F1Lead

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