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Esteban Ocon Lost His Temper: ‘We Screwed The Race!’

Before the weekend Renault was hoping for the podium, however, the results obtained did not rise up their expectations. In case of the French the sixth and eighth places are not a bad achievement, especially not on such a difficult race, yet the young racer that they could have done so much better…

Following the Red Flag the team just wanted to congratulate him for his results, (You did a very good job, contrary to your starting position, you reached the right position), however the young pilot answered in a sharp tone: ‘I disagree, we have screwed the race. We could have done so much better…’ – said Ocon.

At this point the racing engineer intervened stating that there was no time nor place for this, and that everything should be debated and analyzed back at the headquarters, yet Ocon was relentless: ‘No, we need to talk about this now, we need to face reality.”

At this moment arrived Cyrill Abiteboul, the Renault team leader, who managed to calm down the spirits, stating that the settlement of agreements needs to occur somewhere else. Esteban Ocon was unhappy because of the light mixture he had wanted middle-strong ones before the start, but the team had ignored his wishes and had not prepared properly. Consequently, Ocon considered a mistake he had had to live with during the rest of the race…

The best story of the 2020 incomplete season is the increased middle section, and if Renault wishes to rise up to the expectations, they really should pay attention to such ‘nuances’ in the near future.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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