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Fernando Alonso’s message to his critics: “I’m better than ever!”

Although he will compete only next year, the Spanish superstar is already preparing for his comeback. He lost a lot of weight and with his new training plan, he’s in the same condition as he was ten years ago. 

The return of the Spanish racer is very much in the public eye, and his opponents often point out that his age exceeds him, and thus takes away the opportunity from younger racers. The two-time world champion gave them an answer with a quite strong punch line:

“Every day I used to play football in the morning, then I played tennis,then I rode my bike and went go-karting.  Nowadays I have a different training schedule, a much more efficient one, and as a result, my fitness is better than ever, and I’m a much better pilot than when I quit F1. My age? Don’t talk about it! My speed will be determined by the speedometer not by the numbers written in my ID card. For those who doubt me I only have one thing to say: I am better than ever”.

If anyone, the personal trainer of the Renault’s pilot knows Alonso doesn’t waste his breath. Edoardo Bendinelli has compared the almost 40-year-old star to his ten-years younger former self:

“As a matter of fact, physically he can deny almost ten years. His weight and stamina are at his level in 2009-2011. The goal is to reach the absolute peak and get him in the same condition as when he was signed up by the Scuderia Ferrari. We have developed a training plan for that and I’m sure we will achieve our goals. He wants to do whatever he can while sitting in the car and he doesn’t want to be constrained by his physics or his consciousness on any level. He’s on the right path to achieve that.”

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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