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Fernando Alonso ‘Everything Is Ready For The BIG BOOM!’

Renault’s latest development in the F1 is pretty obvious. Beside the strong point gathering, the team also managed to get its first podium during the previous weekend. Of course. Alonso is ready for more…

Serious improvements can be seen not only in case of the cars, but also in case of the personnel working in the plants and during the racing weekends. According to the Spaniard superstar looking forward to the future, for 2021 everything is ready for storming and for obtaining serious results:

‘The developments implemented in 2020 and the podium weekend are very promising. Of course we still keep to the ground, since the new regulations are to come, yet we are optimistic. Something has started, great people are involved in our projects and our fans are awesome. I think everything is given for leaving something steady behind and for getting serious results in 2021.’ – stated the motivated two-time World Champion racer.

Cyril Abiteboul shares Alonso’s opinions, yet he is somewhat reserved:

‘The last few weeks are the proof, we are getting better and better in understanding what is going on with our cars, we are getting better with our cars, so they are becoming better and better. The Nürburgring demands a huge downforce, which we really feared, yet we managed to be up to the challenge. Under normal circumstances we are still far away from the podium; however, should something change, we are able to react quickly and to obtain results.’

Author Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Sky Sports

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