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Formula 1 vs. Coronavirus: 1-1

The season-opening is near, for the second time this year. Surely many of us vividly remembers what happened in Melbourne when McLaren stepped back and then pretty slowly everything started to fall apart. Liberty Media has now made sure that this won’t happen again.

The Americans have implemented a very serious, almost 90-page-long protocol to prevent disease. The best way to summarize the protocol is in five steps: isolation in travel, isolation on events organized on the tracks, minimized personnel, social distancing and continuous testing.

But what happens if the Australian nightmare repeats itself and someone or multiple people get sick?

„Even if there is a positive test that doesn’t mean that the whole racing weekend will be cancelled. We encouraged the teams to establish security measures themselves and to set up quarantine facilities to deal with the situation much easier. The solution is to find a substitute – whoever might fall – while the person in question is isolated. The same applies to the stables: even if a team will not be able to compete, we will not cancel the race. If any of the racers gets infected, they need to be ready for backup pilots and that can jump right in. With these measures, we can keep Formula 1 personnel safe and everything during the race will run smoothly.” – said Chase Carey, head of the league.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Fotó: XPB Images

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