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Formula-1 Perfume Collection!

Five exclusive scents inspired by the technology implemented at the World’s fastest cars and by the exceptional results of the outstanding racers.

The five scents including perfume collection is owned by Designer Parfums and bears the name F1 Fragrances Engineered Collection:

Precious Mettle – fresh and intense scent with slight metal taste standing for the dedication and the spirit of competition of the racers positioning themselves to the starting grid.

Turn1 – it is truly unique, inspired by the smell of burnt tires ands asphalt, it comprises all the excitement present between the start and the first curve and includes the racers’ dedication as well.

Overtake 320 – is a cinnamon based creation standing for the extreme overtaking speeds.

Neeeum White – is a spicy scent, which contrary to its content based on pepper and juniper, strives to show that for F1 racers anything is possible.

The last piece of the collection is Carbon Reign, a so far never seen energetic scent, combining the scent of Champaign, ivy and trees in a truly vibrating scent.

This a completely new and very interesting Fiormula-1 attempt; and we will surely go for it!

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

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