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Formula 1 vs. Equality of Chance: Joining Forces in the Battle

Lewis Hamilton is followed by the entire Formula 1 in the battle against racism and lack of equal opportunities. Purpose of the #WeRaceAsOne Campaign is to draw attention on the facts we deem to be important.

Whether this will be good for us and how unique it will be when the RAINBOW HELLO appears on every car or when the teams change their logos, can be concluded by anybody, based on the statements mentioned below…

‘After the long break we consider a symbolic comeback. We need to face the worldwide problems and we need to provide the solutions we can. These events do have an impact on our sports and on the countries we race in. – ‘stated the F1 in its release.

‘Four months have passed and now the 2020 season is to start in Austria, and it will be really special, from many points of view. The basic idea is that we need to admit that there are situations going beyond the F1 community  or a nation. Therefore, we designed the We Race As One campaign, which is basically a great THANK YOU to all the people who had the courage to help others. This is a unity we can all support and by means of which we can fight worldwide problems.

In Austria we will show that we all fight against racism. We are dedicated to the fight against inequality and we are to speed up the the events leading to the Formula 1 becoming a colorful and more open-minded field. We should be examples and as worldwide sports we need to fight for these values. We need to appear with a broad mind in front of our supporters, our colleagues and in front of everybody. – ‘stated Chase Carrey, CEO of Liberty Media.

This is the rainbow resulted from the colors of all teams

Our role in society is very important, we need to focus on health, security, colorfulness and we need to work towards a more open minded environment. FIA and the F1 have been fighting for many years global problems, to which environment protection and discrimination also belong. Gender, skin color, religion and social status should no longer be an issue, we need to embrace and promote motorsport variety! – concluded Jean Todt.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: F1

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