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Four names who can replace Vettel – But who will be the runner-up?

Scuderia Ferrari really shocked the world of F1 with the announcement of this morning by Sebastian Vettel – though it was not absolutely unexpected and unprecedented. The breakup of the German pilot and the top team could kick-start the pilot market. We are now running the four candidates for you who have a good chance of running for Vettel’s place.

Lewis Hamilton

If you think deeper, maybe even those who are less sympathetic to him will see well that if the six-time world champion wins the seventh title this year, he won’t have much motivation left. Sure, you can choose to pull in the eighth in Mercedes’s colors as well, but how much more elegant would it be to dress up in your own colors to outperform Michael Schumacher? Moreover, the possibility of an absolute and inimitable record breaking with Vettel’s departure is now accompanied by a track, so the idea of ​​a possible change of place is not far-fetched at all…  Not to mention the amazing marketing value. In any case, Toto Wolff has already indicated today that they are considering contracting Vettel.

Daniel Ricciardo

He is a huge talent, a high speed pilot with tremendous experience, he’s a great teammate and a popular figure in Ferrari circles. In my opinion, he would be the ideal teammate next to Charles Leclerc, with whom he also has a great relationship. What could endanger a contract is none other than the Australian racer’s age: he’s only one year younger than his now leaving colleague at Ferrari, and therefore doesn’t fit into the Italians rejuvenation strategy. What a loss…

Antonio Giovinazzi

It could even be a logical move to elevate the Ferrari junior to Team A, who is performing better and better at Alfa Romeo. Being of Italian descent, he would be a great fit for the team, as a test driver he knows all the processes well and would surely get into the situation quickly, but something is still not right with the otherwise extremely sympathetic Antonio. The fact is that he is not yet a Ferrari-level racer in his current form, and the Binottos would probably agree with that.

Carlos Sainz

Carlos is the most likely and ideal candidate for the post. His qualities are unquestionable, he has long proven he is destined for more than wasting his best years on a midfielder. Carlos is easy to handle, a teammate, yet terribly hungry for success. The Spaniard fits into the formula so well, that according to press reports, he is said to have agreed on the details with the Scuderia already, and within forty-eight hours they’ll be able to announce his contract, causing another earthquake. We believe that there are not much more logical decisions to be made in this situation. 

Who do you think will be Charles Leclerc’s new teammate?

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Essentially Sports


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