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Four stars from whom we formed the perfect contestant!

Obviously, no single racer can and should be named as the best. Everyone has their strengths and the kind of complexity that describes Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, or Lewis Hamilton, is quite a rarity. 

Even among them it is an impossible mission to choose the best so we undertook to create the “biggest” racer from several drivers. We think one of the most important components of a perfect racer is…

The legendary determination of Ayrton Senna. As a teenager, after a meeting with Emerson Fittipladi, he decided that he was going to be a professional race car driver by any means. He was constantly moving forward in the ranks, which, in addition to his talent, was mainly due to his willpower. Even as a child, he was like a trained and ultra-motivated professional, who planned every step of the way, and he didn’t rest until he reached his goal.

Lewis Hamilton’s terrific ego: There are many-many racers who do not achieve world-famous successes simply because they lack exhibitionism. Thanks to Hamilton’s self-confidence he is able to step on the road of victory before he’d even get in the car. He uses the media cunningly and intentionally and he’s pulling strings like he’s a scheming character for a Brazilian soap opera. With this, he puts his team next to him, while at the same time he’s shocking his biggest opponents, even his own teammate, with this constant psychological warfare.

Michael Schumacher’s creativity and precision. The German legendary tactician was able to handle the most difficult situations with cold indifference. Based on his ideas, a lot of innovations have been introduced to his current teams, without which Formula 1 would now be unimaginable. He was a racer, a race engineer, a motivational trainer and a dietitian in one person. He has put tremendous energies into development work with engineers, his carefully crafted meal plans, and his physical and mental condition. This was not a common stunt at the time…

Max Verstappen’s amazing talent. We know that his personality will create many arguments. However, as we are trying to put together the best of the present era, it is obvious that one of the pillars must be built from the future of the present. He may be loved, and he may be hated, but his God-given talent is out of question: whoever saw the rain chaos of the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix, the way he – there is no better term for it – taught those on the track by choosing even more impossible curves in the impossible weather chaos understands our reasoning. The fact that he left all the feeder’s foster series and entered immediately the F1 from the F3, with his single F1 routine, with a fresh stable change in his pocket is truly magical… Well that’s an unusual talent for sure.

By combining the abilities of these four, we feel we got the perfect racer. Now it’s your turn: from whom would you put together the best of all time?

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk


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