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Four Young Talents and a One-Odd-Out To Remain Eternal Promises

Five people with an exceptionally strong background (i.e. Performance, sponsors…) have arrived to the Formula 1 and disappeared just the same or became average figures. Five names who most likely are never to leave this grey area.

Stoffel Vandoorne

GP2 champion, he arrived with high hopes to the Formula-1, by simply smashing the feeder series. The author of the article hereto closely followed the way the Belgian set records after records in the F2 series. His talent and dominance projected an outstanding future in the Formula-1.

Stoffel Vandoorne: came and went the same – as the wind blows

The situation took a quick turn, the strong introduction was followed by a sudden fall: he was racing in the Japanese Superformula series, when as a replacement at McLaren and basically with zero F1 experience he managed to earn point in Bahrein. While using the same vehicle, the Jenson Button – Fernando Alonso duo was unable to achieve such a result within a year. This must have been the reason for replacing Button with Vandoorne, however this decision did not prove to be a beneficial one: in their second common year Fernando Alonso beat Soffel not only during the qualifying sessions but also during the races – he arrived quickly and disappeared just the same”.

Marcus Ericsson

A Swede who should never approached the formula 1. If the F1 would have the position of an average racer, that position would belong to Ericsson. All Marcus showed us were a few crashes and some points, nothing more: the paid and famous driver achieved the top of his insignificant career at the Japanese F3, where he became champion – and the moment when he was beaten by Charles Leclerc like a completely rookie pilot…

Ericsson did not really enjoy happiness as Leclerc’s team mate

Daniil Kvyat

Kvyat is completely different than the former gentleman. He arrived to the Formula-1 as a GP3 winner and as a Red Bull-supported racer. At Red Bull. In the Formula-1  h spent two years at Toro Rosso, then the mother-team contracted him as Sebastian Vettel’s replacement. One season, a few outstanding results and a victory over Daniel Ricciardo – then he vanished. he was replaced with Max Verstappen and Kvyat returned to Faenza, where he was sacked at the end of the following year. Contrary to all expectations he managed a comeback, however it is most likely that we will hardly see any further outstanding results from him.

Brendon Hartley

Hartley started his Formula-1 career with average racing cars. For a long time he had a cozy position as  test driver at various F1 teams, however the great results were obtained not in this position, but in the long distance races. He won the championship once in Le Mans and was WEC double champion,  so it was obvious that he would test himself in the F1 as well, as soon as he got the opportunity. If he only he hadn’t: World-famous successes were followed by a very weak season, he had to leave completely beaten from Formula-1.

Mick Schumacher

It will be rather the name than the talent, which will provide him with a racer’s uniform

He is the odd-one-out. He is the son of the legendary Michael Schumacher, he has  a strong background, but as mentioned many times he lacks the necessary force for a breakthrough. His introduction in the Formula-1 is only a matter of time, however we think that his career will not be as shiny as his father’s was. The most optimistic scenarios indicate that with middle level luck he will win a few races … We hope to be wrong and that he would have the strength and the opportunity to join this ‘elite’ group.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

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