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Further delicate news: Could Hamilton and Vettel change seats in 2021?

According to Ralf Schumacher, there is a chance for that. The pilot market has already had many interesting factors to take into account, which is only further spiced up by the coronavirus epidemic and the resulting belated Formula-1 renewal. This could be Sebastian Vettel’s luck.

The German is currently hanging in the air, Scuderia offered a one-year contract and reduced wage to the four-time world champion, which he refused. Ask yourself the question, if you can’t reach an agreement with Ferrari, what will be Vettel’s fate. In recent times, McLaren’s interest has often arisen, as has the possibility of a seat at Mercedes. A former colleague of his and compatriot thinks he knows the options, of which he thinks the most likely is to change seats with Lewis Hamilton:

“To prove elsewhere after Ferrari is always a tough nut to crack. Scuderia is a special team with special expectations, where if you feel the confidence of the team, nothing is impossible. If Seb gets the right support, it is not the money that has to decide. Otherwise, there is only one escape route left for him, and that is Mercedes. There he could be a world champion right away… If Lewis were headed for Ferrari, this scenario could be good for Mercedes as well, but I can’t imagine Sebastian ending up at McLaren. ” Said multiple race winner Jr. Schumacher.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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