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Getting ready for the WEIRDEST Hungarian Grand Prix Ever

Though the Styrian Grand Prix is still fresh in our memory, most of the competitors have already arrived at the Hungaroring. The teams are working tirelessly even now to get ready for Friday, when perhaps the weirdest Hungarian Grand Prix in history will take place.

The 2020 season is already painting a surreal picture, and this just after the first two races: DAS, bubbles in bubbles, kneeling/no kneeling, super strong Mercedes versus weakling Ferrari, unlucky Red Bull, McLaren and Racing Point inching forward, Renault protesting, trophies being given to the winners by robots…

Only one thing seems to be unchanged (unfortunately), which is Mercedes’ advantage and the phenom that is Lewis Hamilton. Not that we have any problems with the Germans, it’s just that, in the current situation, a more competitive championship would benefit everyone more (especially the fans, who are only allowed to cheer on their favourites at home, in front of the TV screen).

This is why the competition continuing in Hungary is good news, because the Hungaroring’s special design, as well as the unpredictable weather stepping up each year, will hopefully sneak a side of “I can’t believe this is happening” in this year’s formula as well ­– thus providing us with somewhat of a consolation prize.

Due to this year’s unusual restrictions, and to our greatest sorrow, the written media is not allowed to be at the race either, however, our spies are in position, and we are keeping our ears perked, so that we can tell you all about the events happening behind the scenes of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

This weekend will be DIFFERENT than the others: let us be happy, even in times of sorrow. Let’s find happiness in these sad times together, let’s make it through this year, and hopefully, for the next Hungarian Grand Prix, we can meet at the tracks!

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

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